Our sustainable ambitions drive our commitment towards supporting circularity, developing future-focused products, contributing to environmental stewardship and becoming an incident-free organisation.

In this endeavour, we have been investing in advanced technologies and efficient processes while taking responsible actions towards shared value creation for our stakeholders.

These efforts have helped us meet emerging needs of customers, ensuring employee safety and professional development, contributing community welfare, and reducing our environmental impact, demonstrating our resilient progress towards a more sustainable organisation.

Key performance highlights of CY22


Creating more sustainable materials for a better future


Global producer of coal tar pitch


Global producer of calcined petroleum coke


Production facilities across three continents:
Asia, Europe and North America

Our businesses


As the world's largest producer of CTP and second-largest of CPC, we supply essential raw materials to diverse industries globally through our Carbon segment.

Advanced materials

With the aim of developing high-value and eco-friendly advanced materials for multiple global industries, we realigned our product portfolio and formed this business segment in 2019.


With two integrated cement plants in South India, we manufacture high-quality, high-performance cement to meet the rising demand for durable and sustainable construction in the region.


Progressing with
focus and fortitude

Dear RAIN shareholders,
We began 2022 continuing to ride the wave of momentum that we enjoyed during the second half of 2021, when the economic impact of COVID began to subside and the pent-up demand from the first year of the pandemic gave way to enthusiastic commercial activity.

Vice Chairman
For the year, we finished 2022 with:

Revenue of ` 210,110 million, which represented an increase of more than 45% compared with ` 145,268 million in 2021

Operating profit (or adjusted EBITDA) of ` 37,545 million, which was up more than 49% compared with ` 25,174 million in the previous year

Strong safety performance with our fourth-consecutive year with a total recordable injury rate below 0.2, ranking us as a "best-in-class" company compared with our industry peers

Translating aspirations into actions

We continue to develop innovative, future-ready products to fulfil emerging needs of customers through a responsible and forward-thinking approach. Over the past two years, we have focused on developing a long-term roadmap for sustainability by identifying key material topics and how to best respond and meet stakeholder expectations.

Supporting circularity through upcycling

Our strong commitment to circularity is evident in our products, which enable closed material cycles and convert by-products into productive applications.

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Building a future-focused product portfolio

By leveraging our leadership in innovation, we strive to produce eco-friendly and sustainable products for a better tomorrow.

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Contributing to environmental sustainability

We are committed to environmental stewardship by minimising our footprint, upgrading processes, and producing cleaner and greener materials.

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Becoming an incident-free organisation

Our quest to be an industry leader in safety, health and environment can be seen in our many activities and targeted initiatives to protect the well-being of our employees and surrounding communities.

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Business segment: Carbon

Maximising value of
industrial by-products

Through our wholly owned subsidiary Rain Carbon Inc., we produce calcined petroleum coke, coal tar pitch, and other carbon products. These are critical raw materials for the production of aluminium, steel, and many additional products.

2.43 Mn MT

Sales volume

`155,418 Mn



Operating margin


Contribution to consolidated revenue

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Business segment: Advanced Materials

Extending our value chain for future-ready products

We are a global leader in large-scale production of advanced materials, leveraging innovative technology for the downstream transformation of a portion of our carbon output, petrochemicals, and other raw materials.

0.31 Mn MT

Sales volume

`39,362 Mn



Operating margin


Contribution to consolidated revenue

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Business segment: Cement

Cementing and reinforcing our leadership position

We are one of the largest cement producers in South India, producing high-quality ordinary portland cement (OPC) and portland pozzolana cement (PPC) under the Priya Cement brand. Our two plants are vertically integrated and located strategically near our limestone mines.


Capacity utilisation

`15,330 Mn



Contribution to consolidated revenues


Operating margin

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Our Capitals

Value-Creation Approach

Value creation model

Creating shared value for all

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External environment

A watchful eye on evolving trends

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Strategic priorities

Strengthening foundations for sustained growth

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Stakeholder engagement

Prioritising stakeholder interests

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Governance at RAIN

Sound governance
for sustained growth

Effective leadership and governance are the cornerstones of our business and strategy to drive sustained growth. Our Board of Directors ensures that the organisation is effectively governed by upholding the highest standards of corporate governance.

In addition, we ensure complete adherence to appropriate and relevant industry norms, organisational policies, codes of conduct and internal control systems.

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Risk management

Mitigating risks with prudence

Since we operate globally and in a dynamic external environment, our business is exposed to various risks. To proactively identify and manage key risks, while achieving our strategic goals, we have a multi-layered risk management system as well as a governance and internal control framework in place.

We have a well-designed methodology for identifying risks at the individual business level, both for existing operations and ongoing projects. Each week, we hold business-level review meetings to review the risks identified, their impact on operations, and the mitigation measures that need to be taken. Each business division of the Group has developed its own risk management procedure, which is reviewed by the Risk Management Committee.

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